Markus Schneider

SOLD OUT Mindful Meditation With Markus Schneider

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We are thrilled to announce our very first class at our new studio at 65 Wellington Street North. Join us on Saturday January 25th from 1pm-2:30pm for a 90 minute Mindful Meditation class taught by Markus Schneider. Feel free to linger after the class is over for some refreshments and snacks. 


Markus Schneider, was immediately drawn in by the challenge and discipline of the Yoga & Mindfulness practice from the first time he stepped on his mat. As the Owner of Modo Yoga Brantford, Markus’ love for this practice and the community radiates from his being; one of those unique souls who cares deeply about others and he’s not afraid to show it. 
Are you feeling stressed, busy or overwhelmed? Join Markus Schneider (Owner, Modo Yoga Brantford) for a guided mindfulness meditation practice! This workshop will help you understand why Mindfulness is so beneficial—  both mentally and physically. In this 90 minute session, Markus will be discussing the benefits of a mindfulness practice, and how you can use this practice at home to increase the quality of your life. 
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